Murder At St Marmaduke’s #46

Another chapter completed. To read the first 45, please click here... ...And enjoy. Chapter 46 Thursday 14th November 1985: 11.10 - 11.30 Section (a) ‘At last,’ Meredith said, putting down the phone. Across the desk, Jack Hampshire, his face as sour as an eight-week-old lemon, was staring down at his lap. ‘Johnson and Hardy?’ he … Continue reading Murder At St Marmaduke’s #46

Murder At St Marmaduke’s #45

Yet another complete - though again, mercifully short - chapter today. And a new morning dawns on our cast of characters... As always, please click here to read the previous goings-on. Chapter 45 Thursday 14th November 1985: 08.30 - 08.50 ‘So,’ Ernie said, ‘when are we goin’ to arrest the bloody Chaffords, then?’ Contrary to … Continue reading Murder At St Marmaduke’s #45