Murder At St Marmaduke’s #5d&e

To catch up on the story so far, see my website: for previous chapters, and the other sections of Chapter 5 below. Chapter 5 Monday 4th November 1985: 14.00 - 14.45 Section (d) DCI Charles Meredith swore; loudly, longly and very explicitly. Slamming shut the top drawer of his leftmost filing cabinet, he appended … Continue reading Murder At St Marmaduke’s #5d&e

Just One More Pill

Eric's latest writing prompt ( is 'Just one more pill at it will change everything'. Here's my attempt... ‘And what is this one, darling?’ ‘Oh that – that is your vitamin supplement, my love,’ Henry said. ‘It doesn’t look like the others you’ve given me before.’ ‘No, my love. I thought we’d try a new … Continue reading Just One More Pill