Frustrations Of An Infrequent Poster

Not being a frequent blogger, I haven’t really got my head fully around this form of media – however, when I do decide to post something on these pages, since it’s a specialist site I’m using, set up to cater for those wanting to make use of the blogosphere, I fully expect it to work properly.

Not being able to sleep (too much caffeine during the day, an infrequent but bloody annoying problem when it happens), I decided to get out of bed and blog about three things – my NaNoWriMo progress, the death of my small netbook computer, and my recent attempts at exercise via the local swimming pool. To which end I’ve just spent the last hour or so typing away. Finishing, I pressed the preview button to see what my post would look like – and the whole sodding thing disappeared!

If that’s not enough to put anyone off bothering, what is? I may try to reconstitute what I’d written some other time, but for now – well, I’m totally hacked off, I’m going to shut my computer down, go get myself a bowl of cereal, then try to get some more sleep and see what else to-lousy-day brings!

2 thoughts on “Frustrations Of An Infrequent Poster

  1. Well, the day dawned with the sun shinning and fluffy clouds. You are loved, you are special and even if what you wrote disappeared, you wrote! Today is another day and it is full of promise, Turn the page and see what history will say of today, Tomorrow. Susie x

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