Gosh. Another Post!

Forgive me, Reader, for I have sinned. It’s been over three years since my last blog post. And, as I have to go out in a few minutes, it’s not going to be a long one.

So why have I decided to resurrect this blog now?

To be honest, it’s because of a singular lack of enthusiasm over my current writing project, which is leading to an awful state of ennui when it comes to putting pen to paper – or fingers to keyboard, rather. So I thought, if I resurrect the blog – something I’ve been planning to do for much of the last three years anyway – at least it gives me something to type which doesn’t involve trying to make sense of where Joseph Baxter (my protagonist’s working name, which he hates and will be forcing me to change as soon as he gives me an inkling as to what he’d actually like to be called) is in his current dealings with the church, his political career and the shadowy World President (cliché alert!) who is manipulating Joseph into…

But that would be ruining the story.

So it’s been nice to do a bit of typing again. Hopefully, I’ll get around to some more soon.

And then I’ll probably mention Doctor Who again.

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