Just One More Pill

Eric's latest writing prompt (https://erick79.wordpress.com/) is 'Just one more pill at it will change everything'. Here's my attempt... ‘And what is this one, darling?’ ‘Oh that – that is your vitamin supplement, my love,’ Henry said. ‘It doesn’t look like the others you’ve given me before.’ ‘No, my love. I thought we’d try a new … Continue reading Just One More Pill

For Sale, Des Res

Eric's latest writing prompt (https://erick79.wordpress.com/), is 'That door wasn't there before!' My interpretation follows...   ‘So, Mr and Mrs Foster,’ the estate agent said. ‘Happy?’ ‘It all looks perfect, doesn’t it, darling?’ Linda said. ‘Absolutely,’ Jack agreed. Linda turned towards the old lady who was selling. ‘A lovely home, Mrs Prendergast.’ ‘Oh, I’m so glad you … Continue reading For Sale, Des Res

The Conquest That Came A Cropper

Something different today. A friend, Eric Klingenberg (https://erick79.wordpress.com/), has begun setting a weekly writing challenge; a phrase to inspire a short story or flash fiction. Last week's phrase, The potato is the key, prompted the following. Unfortunately, it's a few days late, simply because a stomach bug curtailed my writing temporarily. Ironically, this week's prompt is about aliens. … Continue reading The Conquest That Came A Cropper