New Website #1

Well – here I am embarking on the awe-inspiring task of building myself a new website.

Not that there was anything particularly wrong with the old one. I built it using Serif WebPlus, a perfectly good program for the task, and was pleased with the result.

The problem came when this year Serif announced that it will no longer be able to act as a website host. In order for the website to continue to exist, I would have to find a new hosting service. Not a particularly onerous task, especially as Serif have thoughtfully provided all the information required to do that, and even arranged a discount with at least one alternative company.

However, I got to thinking. At the moment, my website and my blog (which you are now reading, of course) are on two entirely different – ‘platforms’, I suppose they’re called. This blog has been created through WordPress – and as such, looks completely different to my website. Okay, I did try to standardise a couple of things, such as my mugshot staring out at you over a cup of tea – but nonetheless, the two sites are, to all extents and purposes, completely different.

So I’ve taken the bold step of signing up to one of WordPress’s paid plans (the ‘Personal’ one), and will now begin moving all the content from my old site to this one, expanding it as I go. Hopefully, if I find the right one of WordPress’s ‘themes’ to use, this site will be far more readable, and therefore enjoyable, than the old one ever was. And if I’ve made the right start, it will also soon bear the name too.

How that will affect the followers I’ve picked up along the way, I’m not sure. Hopefully it won’t. But if you find that suddenly you aren’t able to access things quite so easily as before, then I apologise sincerely, and will endeavour to make sure that the finished product is as navigable as it can possibly be.

Thank you for your forbearance.

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