Who’s Next

Oops. Silly comment in my post this morning. It was, of course, the mixed doubles that happened after the men’s final today. Never mind – might have been appropriate, I suppose.

Anyway, now we know. We have a female Doctor.

Not a move I’m in favour of, I have to admit. Not for any sexist reason. I just find it faintly ridiculous that a character could go through 12 incarnations as a male (but see a future post re the figure), then suddenly, at the age of “over 2,000” (I think he must have lost count at last), change gender. If it had happened before once or twice, it would have seemed something other than political correctness to do it now.

However, like many other Who fans (Whovians), I shall give her a chance. To be honest, I wasn’t that enamoured with Peter Capaldi until the series just gone. Far too grumpy to start with, I thought. And until this last series, there was literally only one story featuring him that I enjoyed – the one where we think he’s trying to rob a bank, whereas he’s actually setting out to rescue a couple of imprisoned aliens. Not Capaldi’s fault, the fact that he had duff storylines.

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